Introducing...Maples Connect!

We are thrilled to announce the joining of our digital communication & outside visit programming through Maples Connect scheduling. Both programs were created to increase the ability of our community to interact with residents in a meaningful and safe manner during this time of social distancing. Thank you for the continued support & care offered to our residents & staff. We are elated to be able to connect you with your loved one soon.

Maples Connect : Virtual

Families have the opportunity to reserve a time to video chat with their loved ones using the unit-specific links provided on this page. After signing up, you will receive a confirmation email with a Google Meet link unique to your session. Please download Google Meet well in advance of your scheduled time to ensure we can connect as many residents and families as the schedule allows.

Maples Connect : Outside

Schedule a time to visit your loved one outside! We ask that you only schedule ONE OUTSIDE VISIT PER WEEK as we do our best to accommodate all residents & family members. Outside visits will be supervised by a Maples staff member & will last for 30 minutes. Only two visitors are allowed at a time; masks must be worn for the duration of the visit; & a six-foot distance must be maintained between all parties at all times. No food or drink is allowed during the visit at this time.

All visits are dependent on permissible weather conditions, on sufficient staffing to safely conduct the visit, & on the health and well-being of the resident.

Upon arrival, please report to the main entrance of Maples, enter the vestibule, & let the receptionist know that you are here for an outside visit. A Maples staff member will come out to ask you a series of screening questions & to take your temperature. The visit will only be conducted if you pass this screening, which is required by the Department of Public Health & assures that we prioritize the health & safety of all residents, staff, & visitors.

**If you reside outside of Massachusetts, please contact Melanie Roy (508-384-7977 ext. 103) prior to scheduling an appointment**


Staff facilitating both virtual and outside sessions will follow the most current sanitization & PPE usage guidelines from the Department of Public Health at all times. Virtual visits will be conducted using iPads and medical-grade cases obtained specifically for this program. All devices and surfaces used in the program will be thoroughly cleaned using Clorox Disinfecting wipes between each use; Clorox disinfecting wipes are EPA-approved COVID-19 disinfecting products. All outside visitors must pass a thorough screening process upon arrival in order to be eligible to complete their scheduled visit.

Cancellation Policy

Maples staff reserves the right to cancel and/or to reschedule all visits should one or more of the aforementioned conditions not be satisfied.

Maples Connect: Virtual Scheduling

  • Newport Scheduling
  • Rockport Scheduling
  • Jamesport Virtual visits suspended at this time.
  • Maples Connect: Outside Scheduling
  • Outside visits suspended at this time.