A ray of hope

We recognize that this has been an extremely challenging year for long term care staff and residents, as well as their loved ones.

Vaccination Clinics thru the federal partnership with CVS were exciting and provided hope as we vaccinated 99% of the residents and many staff. Now that our clinics are complete we await information of when we will offer the vaccination onsite again. We must be patient as these details are worked out by state agencies.

The vaccine is available to eligible groups by following this link to the Vaccine Locator to schedule a vaccine appointment. Healthcare workers are still eligible to receive the vaccine. If you have health insurance coverage you will be required to provide your information, there will be no out of pocket expense and no one will be denied a vaccine based on your coverage status.

Public health officials advise us to continue the use of all precautions after the vaccine is administered, including wearing personal protective equipment and conducting regular testing, to ensure the safety of our residents and staff.

We will continue to work with public health officials to determine how and when to adjust our policies for visitations and social activities and keep you updated.

The vaccine has been shown to provide a great deal of protection against serious illness due to COVID-19, and as such public health officials are encouraging residents and staff to to get this vaccine. The elderly population has a much higher risk for getting very sick, being hospitalized, or dying from COVID-19. The belief is that the more of us that get vaccinated, the better we can protect our families and our community against potential outbreaks.

This vaccine has gone through testing and clinical trials to ensure it meets the highest safety standards, please read the Emergency Use Authorization posted in the right column. The information indicates that those who have had the virus should get the vaccine. Potential side effects are listed on the fact sheet. You will find that these side effects are similar to the potential side effects of the flu shot, but they occur in more people. However, the health and safety of our residents and staff is always our top priority, and there is confidence this vaccine is a much better option than the risk of getting this virus.

The vaccine requires two doses, and those getting it will need to get both doses to ensure the best results. The second dose will be given approximately 21 to 28 days after the first dose.

All staff and contractors providing services at Maples must provide documentation of COVID Vaccination status.

Use the Vaccine Locator if you have not received the vaccine or you need the second dose.

If you have received the COVID Vaccine elsewhere please upload your COVID-19 Vaccination Record Card here. It is important that we have this information on file.

Still uncertain about the vaccine? Watch this video of Dr. Christine Pierre: "What You Need to Know About the COVID-19 Vaccine"

If you do not wish to receive the COVID Vaccine complete the COVID-19 Vaccine Declination form and return using the document upload feature so that we have record of your COVID-19 Vaccination choice. This decision does not have to be final as you can change your mind and receive the vaccine at a vaccination site.

COVID-19 Vaccination Information

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  • Pfizer COVID Vaccine Information
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  • Other Vaccine Information

  • Influenza (FLU) Vaccine Information (Inactivated or Recombinant) 08/15/2019
  • Pneumococcal Vaccine Information (PPSV23) 10/30/2019
  • Immunization Information Reporting

  • Massachusetts Immunization Information System -- information for patients
  • Massachusetts law (M.G.L. c. 111, Section 24M) requires providers to report immunization information to a computerized immunization registry known as the Massachusetts Immunization Information System (MIIS). The MIIS stores immunization records for you and your healthcare provider and can help prevent outbreaks of disease like measles and the flu. All information in the MIIS is kept secure and confidential. The MIIS allows information to be shared with health care providers, school nurses, local boards of health, and state agencies concerned with immunization. You have the right to object to the sharing of your immunization information across providers in the MIIS. For more information, please ask your healthcare provider, visit the MIIS website at www.mass.gov/dph/miis or contact the Massachusetts Immunization Program directly at 617-983-6800 or 888-658-2850