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    Maples Heroes

    We are faced with unprecedented times of vulnerability and uncertainty for all. Throughout this, Maples essential personnel are providing for the needs of our residents. Great people in each department are doing what they can to help in any way. At a time when it has been necessary to close our doors to visitors and non-essential services, essential personnel are filling the gaps for the residents at Maples. We are grateful for the care and compassion our essential personnel bring to the lives of our residents daily.

    Family understanding

    We understand how difficult it is to be separated from your loved ones; thank you for your support and understanding. With your help we strive to keep our residents and our staff safe.

    Community Support

    Over the weeks since the National Emergency Declaration we have been graced by the support of the community. Families have sent many expressions of gratitude and encouragement including flowers, coffee boxes, donuts, pastries, pizzas, sandwiches, and more. A local farm, Ward's Berry Farm, sent loaves of banana bread as a treat to share with the staff. We have received letters and artwork with messages of encouragement from nearby families. Donations of much needed handcrafted face masks have been received from various individuals and groups including Sew Hope MA of North Attleboro and Cotton Mask MA. The love and support is truly overwhelming, but it is also representative of what Americans do in difficult times: they come together to find a way to help. These gestures, supportive community messages, and donations are priceless to the personnel here at Maples, and we thank you.

    Consultants, Ancillary Providers and Service Providers

    Thank you to our software vendors, technology providers, consultants, and ancillary providers for working together to move as much work off-site as possible from a very hands-on setting.

    Food, Medical and General Supply Providers

    Thank you to all the businesses that continue to deliver much needed food, medical, and general supply items. Thank you for respecting and accommodating the necessary modifications to the delivery process - your efforts are appreciated. Thank you for your extra measures to keep our staff and residents safe.

    To anyone we missed in this message

    To anyone we may have missed in this message: please know that we always appreciate any and all acts of kindness, but we appreciate them especially at this most difficult time. Thank you for your patience as we adapt to rapidly changing conditions and safety guidelines.

    Passing time while social distancing

    Bowling on the Wii

    Card sent from a local resident - front of card

    Card sent from a local resident - inside of card

    Visiting has been redefined lately!

    May God bless you as you care for the most vulnerable. Sandy, Franklin MA

    4/22/2020 Thank you Citizens Bank North Attleboro Branch for delivering pizza for the staff.

    12 loaves of banana bread were delivered 3/31/2020 from Wards Berry Farm for staff

    Masks donated by Wrentham young man 3/31/2020

    Handcrafted face masks left anonymously

    Donated handcrafted face masks

    Flowers sent by a family in support of nursing staff

    Sew Hope MA of North Attleboro note

    Sew Hope MA of North Attleboro masks

    Handcrafted face masks from Cotton Mask MA donated 4/15/2020

    Handcrafted face masks from Cotton Mask MA donated 4/15/2020

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