• October 14, 2020 Letter regarding State mandated testing data error

  • Maples is using VoiceFriend an automated notification service for staff members.

    VoiceFriend allows us to send important messages using the communications method we have on file for you. Messages will be sent via voice message to your land line and cell phone, text message to your cell phone and/or eMail message.

    Contact Information:

    It is important that you keep your contact information up to date here at Maples. If you have changes in your cell phone, home phone or eMail address or you move, please correct the information as soon as possible. Methods to change your information:

    • Employee Navigator: The preferred method of correcting that information is through Employee Navigator, the system used during orientation.

      Log in to your account at thgne.employeenavigator.com with the username and password created during orientation.

    • In-writing: Employees may provide updated contact information in writing by uploading using the document upload feature at the top of this page or deposit in the HR mailbox.

    Employee Resources

  • November 23, 2020 UPDATE from DPH Marylou Sudders: Staying Safe this Holiday Season
  • Holiday Letter -- explanation of risks surrounding holiday gatherings
  • CVS COVID Vaccine Clinic @ Maples - Scheduling Tool

  • Schedule a your COVID Vaccine - January 2, 2021
  • COVID-19 Make up Test Scheduling Tool

  • Schedule a makeup COVID-19 Test here
  • COVID-19 CareEvolve lab results available from your provider

  • Instructions for retreiving COVID-19 Test Result from CareEvolve email

  • Upload Your Test Results Here

    Did you receive a COVID-19 test from another employer that would qualify as proof of testing and satisfy testing at Maples? Follow the link below to upload your document securely to Maples.

  • Document upload
  • Document upload instructions

  • Employee Navigator