COVID-19 Testing

  • Effective 8/9/2021 - All unvaccinated staff will require BinaxNOW testing before the start of your work day in addition to weekly COVID-19 PCR testing - per order of the Commissioner of DPH.
  • Effective 8/12/2021 - All staff will be required to have a COVID-19 PCR test weekly regardless of vaccination status excluding those with a previous COVID-19 positive test date within the last 90 days.
  • Testing Availability:
    Day of Week Hours Availability
    Thurs 6:30 am - 4 pm walk in
    Fri 9a - 4 call Supervisor
    Mon 6:30 am - 4 pm walk in
    Tues 6:30 am - 4 pm walk in
    Weds 9a - 4 call Supervisor

    If you are testing at Maples you must test at the latest before 4pm Wednesday each week. If necessary exceptions to the testing schedule can be made by contacting Staff Development in advance of the testing deadline.

    If you are going to be on vacation or are otherwise unable to attend scheduled testing please arrange for testing through the Staff Development Office.

    Testing is available for staff, ancillary services, contract personnel and individuals with state allowable reason to enter the building. The testing system requires that you provide your name, address, birth date and contact information. All test results are reported to Department of Public Health as is required.

    Staff who have previously tested positive for COVID-19 are now required to be tested if more than 90 days from their initial COVID-19 positive test date.

    Have You Been Vaccinated Elsewhere? Please be sure to upload your vaccination record card using the Upload Documents link at the top of the page or ask reception to scan your card to "COVID Scans" from the copier. We must have your COVID Vaccination record card / information on file. If you do not provide your vaccination document to us we have to assume that you are not vaccinated. There is no cost for testing.

    DPH required PCR COVID testing

    The weekly testing window is Thursday 7 am - Thursday 6:59 am. A COVID PCR test must have a printed label with collection date and time within that window to satisfy the testing requirement for that weekly testing cycle.

    Testing Cycles:
    cycle date span Vaccinated - testing required Not Full Vax - testing required
    91 04/14 - 04/20* X X
    92 04/21 - 04/27* X X
    93 04/28 - 05/04* X X
    94 05/05 - 05/11* x X
    95 05/12 - 05/18* X X
    96 05/19 - 05/25* X X
    97 05/26 - 06/01* X X
    98 06/2 - 06/08* X X
    99 06/09 - 06/15* x X
    100 06/16 - 06/22* X X
    101 06/23 - 06/29* X X
    102 06/30 - 07/06* X X
    103 07/07 - 07/13* X X
    104 07/14 - 07/20* X X
    105 07/21 - 07/27* X X
    106 07/28 - 08/03* x X
    107 08/04 - 08/10* X X
    108 08/11 - 08/17* X X
    109 08/18 - 08/24* X X
    110 08/25 - 08/31* x X

    ** Beginning 8/9/2021, all "Not Fully Vaccinated" staff will require BinaxNOW testing before the start of work day in addition to weekly COVID-19 PCR testing - per order of the Commissioner of DPH.

    *for simplicity Wednesday is used as the end date of the cycle. Tests performed after midnight on Wednesday night with a collection date and time printed on the lab barcode label before 6:59 am qualify for the previous Cycle, 7 am and after the next Cycle.

    PCR COVID-19 test performed elsewhere?

    Follow the link below to upload your document securely to Maples.

  • Document upload
  • Document upload instructions

  • COVID-19 CareEvolve lab results available from your provider

  • Instructions for retreiving PCR COVID-19 Test Result from CareEvolve email

  • October 14, 2020 Letter regarding State mandated testing data error