All visitors must follow infection control principles including:

  • health screening at entrance with temperature
  • rapid testing if indicated
  • hand hygiene entering the facility and as needed
  • wear a surgical mask at all times
  • no eating or drinking
  • maintain distance in resident room and at all times
  • limit visitors to two at a time in the resident room
  • maintain a safe distance for the duration of the visit.
  • Wear full PPE while visiting any resident with confirmed COVID-19
  • Nursing may adjust visit requirements at any time in the management of the ongoing public health emergency and in accordance with DPH ongoing guidance.

    COVID-19 Update

    Any individual who enters the long-term care facility and develops signs and symptoms of COVID-19 within two days after exiting the long-term care facility or designated outdoor space must immediately notify the long-term care facility of the date they were in the facility, the individuals they were in contact with, and the locations within the facility they visited.

    Facilities can also ask about vaccination status and encourage visitors to become vaccinated when they have the opportunity - per DPH.

    Resident room visits are contingent on the COVID-19 status within the facility. Per regulations, we are not allowed to have resident room visits if a resident or staff member tests positive within a unit. If resident room visits are suspended, every effort will be made to accommodate outdoor visits, weather permitting, or to reschedule visits as quickly as possible.

    When are resident room visits allowed?
    • Residents who are fully vaccinated AND who either do not have a roommate OR have a roommate who is fully vaccinated may receive in-room visits.
    • Residents with active or suspected COVID-19 infections as well as any residents who are symptomatic or under quarantine will not be able to receive any in-person visitors.
    • This determination is made by nursing staff and may change without advance notice.

    When is a person considered fully vaccinated?

    • 14 days after their final dose of COVID-19 vaccine.

    Who can visit residents in their rooms?
    • Family visitors who are fully vaccinated may visit residents in their room.
    • Family visitors must confirm their vaccination status including date of their final dose of COVID-19 vaccine prior to entering the facility.
    • Please note that only 2 people can visit a resident at a time.
    • No children or pets are allowed.

    What visit options are available if one member of the family visit is not fully vaccinated?
    • Inside Designated Space Visit.
    • Outside Visit.
    • Virtual Visits can be scheduled by following this link maples connect

    COVID-19 symptoms include any of:
    • fever
    • cough
    • shortness of breath
    • sore throat
    • myalgia
    • chills
    • new onset loss of smell or taste
    • tests positive for SARS-CoV2 infection

    Resident Room Visit

    • Residents must be fully vaccinated.
    • Family visitors must be fully vaccinated.
    • Limit of 2 family visitors with resident in room for visit.
    • Family visitors must proceed to and stay in the resident's room at all times or as directed by staff
    • Use of common areas is prohibited.
    • Use hand sanitizer before entering the resident room.
    • Masks must remain on for the duration of the visit.
    • Visiting other residents besides family member is not allowed.
    • Children are not allowed to visit in resident room.
    • Pets not allowed for in room visits

    Inside Designated Space Visits - when one or more persons are not fully vaccinated
    • Masks must stay on.
    • Social distancing must be maintained.
    • Family visitors must refrain from any physical contact including hugging and touching.
    • No eating or drinking.
    • Pets not allowed for inside visits

    Outside Visits
    • Masks must stay on if one person in the visit is unvaccinated, this includes children.
    • Pets are allowed to visit outside
    • Food and beverages are ok for outside visit if the entire group visiting is fully vaccinated
    • No eating or drinking and masks must stay on if one person in the visit is unvaccinated, this includes children