July 25, 2021 - Inperson visits temporarily suspended on the Eastport Unit

July 13, 2021 - Jamesport In-person visits suspension has been lifted

  • COVID-19 Update
  • Resident room visits are contingent on the COVID-19 status within the facility. Per regulations, we are not allowed to have resident room visits if a resident or staff member tests positive within a unit. If resident room visits are suspended, every effort will be made to accommodate outdoor visits, weather permitting, or to reschedule visits as quickly as possible.

    When are resident room visits allowed?
    • Residents who are fully vaccinated AND who either do not have a roommate OR have a roommate who is fully vaccinated may receive in-room visits.
    • Residents with active or suspected COVID-19 infections as well as any residents who are symptomatic or under quarantine will not be able to receive any in-person visitors.
    • This determination is made by nursing staff and may change without advance notice.

    When is a person considered fully vaccinated?

    • 14 days after their final dose of COVID-19 vaccine.

    Who can visit residents in their rooms?
    • Family visitors who are fully vaccinated may visit residents in their room.
    • Family visitors must confirm their vaccination status including date of their final dose of COVID-19 vaccine prior to entering the facility.
    • Please note that only 2 people can visit a resident at a time.
    • No children or pets are allowed.

    What visit options are available if one member of the family visit is not fully vaccinated?
    • Inside Designated Space Visit.
    • Outside Visit.
    • Virtual Visits can be scheduled by following this link maples connect

    Resident Room Visit

    • Residents must be fully vaccinated.
    • Family visitors must be fully vaccinated.
    • Limit of 2 family visitors with resident in room for visit.
    • Family visitors must proceed to and stay in the resident's room at all times or as directed by staff
    • Use of common areas is prohibited.
    • Use hand sanitizer before entering the resident room.
    • Masks must remain on for the duration of the visit.
    • Visiting other residents besides family member is not allowed.
    • Children are not allowed to visit in resident room.
    • Pets not allowed for in room visits

    Inside Designated Space Visits - when one or more persons are not fully vaccinated
    • Masks must stay on.
    • Social distancing must be maintained.
    • Family visitors must refrain from any physical contact including hugging and touching.
    • No eating or drinking.
    • Pets not allowed for inside visits

    Outside Visits
    • Masks must stay on if one person in the visit is unvaccinated, this includes children.
    • Pets are allowed to visit outside
    • Food and beverages are ok for outside visit if the entire group visiting is fully vaccinated
    • No eating or drinking and masks must stay on if one person in the visit is unvaccinated, this includes children